Apple Loses Direction


Today, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has come out and apologised for the inferior Maps App that has replaced Google Maps on the iPhone. He has advised customers to use Map software from other companies instead. When Tim Cook has to come out and apologises for something, it must be serious.

For someone who has been following Apple for many years, it has come as a shock to me that they have made an app that is half-finished. It has many inaccuracies and some people will not use it for this reason.

In their battle with Google, Apple now seem to be taking things too far. Google Maps was brilliant so why dump it if there is no suitable replacement? They had the license to use Google’s Map App until mid-2013!

Apple have made a few mistakes in the past. Most notably its half-hearted social network Ping which is about to be made obsolete and Mobile Me which preceded the much better iCloud. These issues were not big enough issues to cause many complaints.

So often, Apple fans including myself take it for granted that everything they do will be brilliant. It just goes to show everyone makes mistakes including Apple!


Why my iPhone looks like new again

Apple launched the iPhone 5 to much fanfare on Wednesday, 12th September. There has been much hype about it since and there are millions of new iPhones ordered. As the phone went on sale in the United States and elsewhere last week, long queues formed outside Apple Stores. Tomorrow the phone goes on sale in Ireland and many will be sold.

I have heard some people who wish they could return to IOS 5 since the IOS 6 no longer contains the Google Maps App. It will be missed but it can still access the service through Safari. Apple are also committed to improving its own in the future.

In my opinion, the IOS 6, has made my iPhone 4 feel like new again. The native apps have received a facelift and look a whole lot better. The Podcast App for instance, makes listening a searching for podcasts so much easier. No longer have you to open the Music App to start listening to them. iMessage now offers the option to send a notication to you when your message is opened. As an iPhone 4 user, I still have no Siri, which i would love to try, especially with improvements to it in IOS 6. This won’t make me rush out and order the iPhone 5 just yet! For those who haven’t upgraded their iPhone to IO6, I would highly recommend it.